Please plan to join on May 5th, 2023, for our next Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call for 2023! Our theme this year is “Expanding Horizons.” During the 2023 educational series, we will be exploring a wide variety of recovery pathways, considering some new and innovative things happening around us, and revisiting a few wellness tools that some of us may have been using for years.

Each call provides listeners the opportunity to hear directly from, and be inspired by, individuals in recovery. This month’s focus is ” Cultural Differences in Mental Health, Wellness, & Recovery.”

Please note that you don’t have to be at an agency or in a group to participate. Individuals are welcome to dial in from a personal phone, or, as a new feature this year, you can log in from a home computer or through the WebEx app on a smartphone. Registration is not required. Instructions on how to join are below under the heading “How to Join.”


 DATE: May 25th, 2023

TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

TOPIC: Expanding Horizons: Cultural Differences in Mental Health, Wellness, & Recovery


  • Recognize how various cultures may perceive the mental health system
  • Identify ways culture can affect the impact of words and how they are perceived
  • Explain inclusive language and the positive effect it can have on self-stigma

MEETING TITLE: Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call

PANELISTS: Tanya Cooley, Christina Ancira, Nanette Larson, Tom Troe



The following materials for the 5/25/23 call are attached:

1) Evaluation Form

2) Sign-In Sheet

3) CEU Instructions

4) 2023 Statewide Call Flyer

5) PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

6) Handout: My Cultural Identity Worksheet

7) Handout: 10 Ways to Practice Mindful Inclusiveness


We understand that some participants were unable to dial in for the March call with the WebEx password provided. The issue has been corrected and should work properly for future calls. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Dial 1-312-535-8110.


Enter Access Code:

2453 692 8428, then #.


Enter Password:

9496 4756, then #.


Click on this link to open the WebEx site for the call.


If prompted, enter your name & email address.


Click “Join Meeting.”


Meeting #:

2453 692 8428

Password: statewide


On your smartphone, tap this link to open the WebEx site.


If prompted, download the WebEx Meetings app.

Enter your name & email address. Click ‘Allow,’ then ‘Join.’


Meeting #:

2453 692 8428

Password: statewide

You can call or log in up to 15 minutes early, but the audio may not begin until 10:00 a.m. All callers and participants will automatically be muted upon entry.


  1. If you are calling in from your phone for audio only, you can press star (*), then “3” to raise your hand. The host will call on you by the area code and first 3 digits of your phone number and notify you when you are unmuted.
  2. If you are logging in from a computer or the WebEx app on a smartphone, please use the Raise Hand feature and wait to be unmuted.


These calls have been held monthly since 2007, and were formerly known as “consumer education and support statewide call-ins.” For all persons living with mental health or substance use challenges, this call is for you! The call is uniquely and specifically designed to provide education and support for individuals participating in publicly funded mental health and/or substance use treatment and recovery services in Illinois.


Staff are welcome to listen in as well. However, the primary purpose of the call is to ensure that individuals participating in services have an opportunity to receive information, ask questions, and provide input.

! CEU Instructions 2023 Statewide Call

05.05.23 Statewide Call Slides

! 2023 Statewide Call Flyer

05.05.23 Handout – My Cultural Identity Worksheet

05.05.23 Evaluation – fillable form

05.05.23 Handout – 10 Ways to Practice Mindful Inclusiveness

05.05.23 Sign-In Sheet_fillable form