ACMHAI Standing Committees

Children’s Behavioral Health Committee:

• Examining, promoting, and advancing the knowledge of children’s behavioral health-best practices and “What Works” through member sharing and training
• Advocating and supporting legislation for improvement in State and local children’s behavioral health systems and service delivery
• Engaging in collaborative partnership with relevant statewide associations to represent and address county-local children’s behavioral health issues of concern and needs
• Exploring and communicating funding opportunities that members can utilize to support pilot projects and special initiatives or increase local children’s behavioral health service capacity

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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Committee:

• Understand best practices in service/payment delivery systems for the care of people with I/DD
• Align local efforts with the service/payment system promulgated by Illinois DHS-Division of DD and with federal HCBS – to ensure that local funds do not supplant or run counter to the obligations of other systems
• Advocate for legislation which leads to the best possible life for residents who have I/DD

Legislative Committee:

• Protect the 708, 377, and 553 local mental health authority Acts
• Monitor legislation effecting local government and defend against adverse government consolidation bills that threaten member boards
• Strengthen the local mental health authority Acts
• Provide both state-wide and local leadership on relevant legislative issues
• Support/Introduce legislation with interest in best practices and collaboration
• Monitor financing issues involving the state budget and other funding

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Medicaid and Managed Care Committee:

• Monitor the Medicaid and Managed Care implementation in the State of Illinois
• Inform members of Medicaid and Managed Care related issues
• Provide recommendations to improve the Medicaid and Managed Care Programs as needed
• Advise membership on Medicaid and Managed Care related training opportunities and initiatives

Membership Committee:

• Develop, in consultation with Coordinator, quarterly membership and best practice trainings, and monthly webinars for professional development
• Organizes, recruits, and manages ACMHAI membership efforts
• Promotes membership benefits and makes recommendations to the Association Membership to maintain and improve member satisfaction