2024 Legislative Priorities

Protect funding to support community mental health services.

 Protect the intent of the Community Mental Health Act.

 Expand Medicaid funding for people who are on the PUNS list.

Support all Suicide Prevention efforts, especially those in school settings.

 Continue to advocate for measures which address workforce development to ensure adequate staffing in community mental health and I/DD organizations.

 Monitor the implementation of the Community Emergency Services and Support Act. Public Act 102-580.

 Monitor the state-wide implementation of 988 and subsequent changes to the crisis response system for adults. Advocate for increased funding for local communities relative to new system requirements.

Monitor the implementation of Illinois’ Pathways model and changes to the crisis response system for children.

 Promote the state or federal increase of funding for school-based mental health. 

 Support community awareness and prevention education around harm reduction strategies for opioid use/substance use disorders.