Call to Action!

Please contact your state House member to ask them to co-sponsor HB4238  – Rebuild Illinois Mental Health Workforce this week.

Modernize Medicaid Funding to Retain, Recruit Clinical Staff; Shrink Waitlist Surge 

$130M, 60% paid with federal Medicaid dollars, in new funding for specific community mental health services to regain, retain staff; drive down waitlists. Rate add-on & directed payments for these services will have an immediate statewide impact particularly in underserved communities.

✓ Individual Therapy: $27.1M

✓ Case Management: $15.6M

✓ Community Support Individual services: $55.3M

✓ Assertive Community Treatment services: $14.4M

✓ Community Support Team services: $17.6M

If you do not know who your legislators are, you can find the name and phone number of your state senator and representative by clicking here. 

Please Report Back: Importantly, we are asking you to report back to us on your conversations or contact with your legislators, so we know which legislators have been reached and what their stance is.

Please find attached the following documents to assist you in your advocacy with your legislators:

HB4238_Rebuild Illinois MH Workforce Coalition Fact Sheet

Prep Info_ Not for Distribution_Legislative AskPrepHB4238_Increase in MH Funding

Summary_MH Workforce Coalition_Proposal_11.09.21


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