Ten Illinois organizations to receive nearly $13 million to expand access to rural healthcare

Nearly $13 million in federal funds will head to ten Illinois organizations to help expand access to healthcare in rural communities.

The majority of the funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about $8.7 million, will head to Southern Illinois Hospital Services to construct an in-patient medical psychiatric unit to expand access to mental health services.

Additionally, the provider will work with the Egyptian Health Department, the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and the Southeastern Regional Planning and Development Commission to address the mental health needs in the state’s seven southernmost counties.

Other projects include $1 million for Clay County to renovate the Clay County Hospital to develop a larger lab and convert the clinic into an acute care clinic. Another $1 million will head to Jersey Community Hospital District for infrastructure improvements, as well as to purchase an ambulance, ultrasound equipment and a touchless door entry system.

The funds are part of $129 million being allocated to 172 organizations across the country. Torres Small, deputy secretary for the department, said the funds will help “strengthen rural America’s health care infrastructure to build for the future.”

See the full list of recipients here.