SUPR DUI Training: Register NOW. The next SUPR DUI Training is scheduled for October 11-13th, 2022. The DUI-specific trainings are designed to meet the certification needs of Illinois DUI service providers including DUI evaluators, Risk Education instructors, social workers, nurses, and substance abuse counselors. Court personnel who work with DUI defendants, such as probation officers and parole officers, can also benefit from the programs. To register, visit SUPR DUI Training.

Illinois Deflection Initiative: IDHS is partnering with Illinois State Police (ISP) to expand Deflection across the state. Deflection is a fast[1]growing initiative in the United States, including Illinois, but what is it? Deflection, in its simplest form, is first responders, including law enforcement and EMS, quickly connecting those they encounter to needed community services in order to support their recovery before they enter the criminal justice system. Deflection offers law enforcement another way to respond to calls for service. Most calls for law enforcement intervention result in either an arrest or a no action taken by law enforcement.

With deflection, when law enforcement encounters a situation that will not result in an arrest, but does require intervention, they can refer people to services in the community, including mental health and substance use treatment. This referral results in a deflection away from the criminal justice system. Deflection does not involve formal criminal justice involvement other than the initial contact with law enforcement. This both helps to remove stigma related to the criminal justice system and can potentially steer people’s lives away from criminal justice involvement down the line.

Deflection has many benefits, including reducing crime and the workload of law enforcement, reducing drug use, ensuring individuals are connected with appropriate services, restoring lives, rebuilding community and law enforcement relations, and saving money. Another benefit is that deflection is unique in each community. It is individualized to address each community’s needs and available resources.

IDHS/SUPR and TASC have partnered to bring deflection initiatives to East St. Louis and Southern IL – Alexander, Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Union, and Jefferson Counties. Further Initiatives are in the planning stages for SFY23.


SUPR October 2022 Newsletter