Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary with $20,000 Grants 

Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation activates its commitment to “Be A Visible Champion of Children’s Health” through cultivating, supporting, and promoting initiatives that improve the health and wellness of children.

Recently, ILCHF celebrated 20 years of championing children’s health by partnering with grantee organizations across the state of Illinois committed to positively impacting the health and well-being of children and families.

To commemorate this remarkable milestone, ILCHF issues “ SUPPORTING A STRONG CHILDREN’S HEALTH WORKFORCE IN ILLINOIS RFP ” which aims to award 21 grants of $20,000 each (for a total investment of $420,000) to fund projects across the state of Illinois which inspire young people to join the children’s behavioral and oral healthcare workforce.

Supporting A Strong Children’s Health Workforce in Illinois RFP 
To view the RFP, click here
To access the on-line application, click here.
Application Due: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

For more information, please contact Bob Egan, Sr. Program Officer of Children’s Oral Health at and/or visit

Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation is elated to share this opportunity with each of you and is certain that this opportunity will positively contribute toward ILCHF’s vision that “Every Child in Illinois Grows Up Healthy!”