Dear Stakeholders:


As many of you are aware, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has had challenges with the formatting of the new PCP tools that have been revised/developed. The DDD has been working very closely with the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) to get the formatting issues corrected so that everyone will be able to fully use the three forms by tomorrow’s effective date of October 1. At this time, we have updated the Discovery Tool and Personal Plan to a usable format*. We have placed the Discovery Tool and Personal Plan (in all formats) on the PCP webpage. The Implementation Strategies form will be placed on the PCP webpage once it is finalized.

*Providers need to have updated Adobe Software to open the forms. If you receive a message that says “please wait…,” please save the form to your computer, exit the webpage and open the form from your saved files.


  • Beginning October 1, 2022, all Discovery meetings should be completed using the new version of the Discovery Tool, followed by the updated Personal Plan and finally the newly developed Implementation Strategies. The PCP webpage currently includes links to the Discovery Tool and Personal Plan.
  • While the DDD is now requiring all agencies to use the 3 DDD forms, if your agency uses an electronic record system and would like to incorporate the new form into your existing software, please reach out to Kristin Semanik ( for approval of your template.
  • The DDD previously hosted 4 trainings to review the changes to the PCP process. The recordings of the trainings can be found here. The DDD will also offer ongoing training on the PCP process with the next training on October 27, from 1pm – 2pm (Link to register).
  • The DDD will also resume hosting PCP office hours:

Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback over the past 4 months. The DDD greatly appreciates your collaboration, cooperation and patience. As we move into implementation, there will continue to be opportunities to provide feedback on and around the PCP process and future improvements.


The DDD is pleased to announce that on 9/21/22 the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) posted the Waiver Amendment for the Residential Services for Children and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities Waiver. It was brought to our attention the posting of this notice may not have been transmitted by HFS through their normal notification process. The updates include:

  • Implements a 10% increase to Child Group Home rates to align with the increase enacted by the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in the Spring. This increase had previously been provided through Appendix K;
  • Implements a 2% COLA increase to Child Group Homes;
  • Revises the Restraint and Restrictive Intervention sections.

The HFS Public Notices can be viewed here. The Public Notice for this Waiver Amendment can be viewed here. And, linked within the Public Notice is the proposed Waiver Amendment which can also be viewed here or at the HFS offices in Springfield or Chicago.

The posting of the Waiver Amendment begins the 30-day public comment period. Interested parties can submit comments via email or mail as follows:

Mail:  Healthcare and Family Services
ATTN: Waiver Operations Management
201 South Grand Avenue East, 2FL
Springfield, IL 62763


The Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) of Illinois is in the process of hosting 2 State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) Input sessions, with one taking place earlier this week. Please consider joining the upcoming session to give the SILC your thoughts on what things should be included within the next 3-year State Plan:

Please tell us what barriers you face and your thoughts on ways to remove these barriers so you can live more successfully within your community. There is no need to pre-register. ASL and live CART will be available. When it is time for the session, please click on the link below on your preferred day and time. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Informational flyers are attached.

Session 2. Wednesday October 5th, 2022, 11:00am – 12:00pm. (CST)

Join The Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 2366 6237

Dial In # (312) 626-6799


In May 2022, all DDD providers were informed that several Program Codes had to be reported separately within the FY22 Consolidated Financial Report (CFR). This is a reminder that if your agency’s fiscal year runs July to June, your accounting for FY23 should already be set up or modified to meet the separation of revenue and expenses specified for FY22 for the upcoming FY23 CFR reporting requirements in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, depending on your agency’s fiscal year.

We realize that some providers may not capture these revenue and expenses separately by the specified DD Program Codes and as such, there may be a problem in complying with the FY22 CFR reporting requirements. If needed, for FY22 CFR reporting only, for 37U Program Code, if it is not already recorded separately in your agency’s accounting, it can be associated or combined with CILA or CDS, depending upon how the staff expenses for FY22 were recorded on the agency books.

Additionally, the DDD recognizes agency accounting may not have been modified in time to accommodate separating 60D from 61H-63H Program Code income and expenses. Again, for FY22 CFR reporting only, combining 60D CILA and 61H – 63H ICILA is acceptable. FY23 CFR reporting will require separate cost center reporting for the two.

The DDD appreciates every agency’s efforts to comply with reporting requirements. If your agency should have questions regarding CFR reporting for FY22 please contact: Janice Marvel at


Sarah Myerscough-Mueller
Interim Director – Division of Developmental Disabilities
Illinois Department of Human Services
401 S. Clinton St., 6th Floor Chicago, IL  60607
O: (217) 524-2512