Social determinants of health (SDOH), the “conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age,”1,2 can affect health outcomes,35 including mental, cognitive, and physical well-being.6,7 Children are raised in neighborhoods with diverse SDOH profiles, including high poverty levels and unemployment; rural settings; limited access to quality health care, nutritious food, clean water, or educational opportunities; and increased exposure to crime and drug sales, and these SDOH are linked to an array of developmental problems, including mental health disorders,712 suicidal behaviors,1315 cognitive performance,6,7,16 and physical health issues.10,17 Unraveling the complex relationships between SDOH and child development is crucial to understanding which SDOH combinations are associated with which developmental outcomes. Without such information, it is not possible to devise effective, targeted policies and interventions.

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