Thank you for your patience as we prepare the fiscal year 2024 grant applications. To ensure that we are being good stewards of taxpayer money and allocating funds where they are most needed and most likely to be used, we are reviewing current grantees’ historical spending over the course of the last five years so that we can adjust initial award amounts.

Currently, many of our FY23 award amounts are significantly higher than the grant agreement spending trends, resulting in funds being obligated that go unused and are then challenging to reallocate within the time constraints of the state and federal grant fiscal year.

Therefore, we are adjusting FY24 awards, considering changes in funding levels between years, to align with utilization trends from the past five years. This process is happening throughout the Division and the change will help us allocate funds proportionate to each grantee’s spending trends. We recognize that the adjustment of contracts may create some uncertainty.

Please be assured that we are prepared to adjust for possible increases in demand and utilization of substance use prevention, intervention, and treatment services. If your initial FY24 award amount is decreased from FY23 but your spending starts trending up during FY24, there will be opportunities to submit justifications for funding increases, as needed.

Our program staff will reach out to you by email once we are ready to release the FY24 grant applications and award amounts. We appreciate all the amazing work you do, are grateful for the opportunity to continue to support your organization, and your willingness to work together to assure that funds are handled appropriately.

Smart Alert Volume XVI Issue XII- Notice for FY24 SUPR Grant Applications