Illinois Partners for Human Service (Illinois Partners) conducted statewide research to identify what factors are most affecting the health and human services workforce in the wake of the pandemic. This new survey of nonprofit community health and human service organizations, including focus groups, builds upon prior
Illinois Partners’ research that shows how low state reimbursement rates, underfunded contracts, low wages, high turnover, and systemic inequities are affecting the ability of health and human service professionals to provide sustainable and quality care to Illinoisans. In this research, Illinois Partners collected detailed financial and wage data from 48 organizations including demographic information for over 12,600 health and human service professionals. This survey data was supplemented by five geographically-based focus groups with a total of 16 organizations. Prior to this research, non-proprietary demographic data with associated wages was not available for the Illinois nonprofit community health and human services workforce. Click on the link below to read more.

Illinois Partners Workforce Report

Workforce Infographic