Division of Developmental Disabilities Community Provider Trainings

The Division of Developmental Disabilities is pleased to provide the following training series for our community-based, waiver funded providers. These webinars will provide an opportunity to learn more about Division expectations for provider operations, system and policy changes, as well as best practices. The Division requests that at least one individual staff member attend from each provider organization, if not more. All webinars will be recorded and be posted upon completion. All webinars must be registered for individually.  We look forward to your participation.

Questions: Matt Suellentrop at Matthew.Suellentrop@Illinois.gov.

February 23, 2022

1pm – 3 pm

Pathways for Accessing Affordable and Subsidized Housing


  • Todd Fuller, Statewide Housing and Employment First Coordinator, IDHS
  • Stephanie Sideman, Senior Program Manager, Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

This webinar will discuss various pathways for accessing affordable and subsidized housing including public housing, HUD funded housing and affordable units.  There will be a review of the purpose of the Statewide Referral Network (SRN) including prioritized populations served, an exploration of types of housing opportunities are available through the SRN and a discussion of how to become a referral partner with immediate next steps to begin connecting Ligas class members to housing.

Link to register:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?RGID=rb60c46fbc73ea6ec95ee0e7d6a08d960

March 3, 2022

1pm – 2:30pm

DDD Update


  • Allison Stark, Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities

This webinar will provide an update on the proposed DDD budget, current legislation, Settings, employment expansion efforts and other hot topics.

Link to register:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?RGID=r5b4a6e92bc4c0d662e6fc7f29b05fe76

March 23, 2022

1pm – 3pm

Keeping Community Connections and Ensuring Community Integration for People with DD during COVID


  • Leanne Mull, Co-Director, Blue Tower Solutions, Inc.
  • Jesus (Chuy) Campuzano, Self-Advocate

This webinar will share updates on how COVID has impacted the disability community, including challenges as well as stories of resiliency. Spotlighted will be examples of how self-advocates have connected and built community in this time of social distancing.  Examples shared will help providers with ideas on how they can adapt for their organizations and programs to support individuals with disabilities stay connected and find community.

Link to register:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?RGID=rf2fc70298c10794a4f494cc1e70dcd2d

April 27, 2022

1pm – 3pm

Healthy Sexuality


  • Linda Sandman, Co-Director, Blue Tower Solutions, Inc.
  • Teresa Parks, Deputy Director, Director of Programs, and Human Rights Authority Director, Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
  • Timotheus Gordon Jr; Research Associate/Self-Advocate
  • Jae Jin Pak, Coordinator of Community Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, Institute on Disability and Human Development

This webinar will discuss and share resources for providers to better support adults with I/DD on healthy sexuality and related topics. Providers will gain information on the “Sex Ed” law (PA101-0506). Providers will be informed on various trainings and resources available to assist them and their organizations support individuals with disabilities to be informed and explore sexuality in healthy, safe, and consenting ways.

Link to register:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?RGID=r7d94cdb81d33e5e0e456e5c5844cafac

May 25, 2022

1pm – 3pm

Communications Support Needs and Accessibility for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind Community


  • Karen Aguilar, Director, Chicago Hearing Society
  • Renee Dougherty, IL BEI Advanced Interpreter, Community Alternatives Unlimited
  • Lisa Olson, Activities Coordinator, Kreider Services

This webinar will discuss how to support people who do not communicate verbally, people who are Deaf/deaf, Deaf/deaf and blind, people with hearing loss, and people who use or who want to access communication devices. This webinar will discuss alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) options to support people with IDD who do not communicate verbally. Information will include the process for applying for funding to purchase AAC (DDD). Attendees will also hear from a self-advocate on how they use AAC to facilitate communication.

Link to register:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?RGID=r7cd5a29a1029b224b261ca41404d9489

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