Forty organizations will receive $9.5 million to support child and adolescent mental health services, the Department of Public Health announced Tuesday.

The funds will support workforce efforts, training for medical and school staff, new frameworks to prevent adverse childhood experiences and interventions to assist children suffering from trauma.

“(The agency) is excited to support innovative ideas from across the state dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of children and young people,” Director Dr. Sameer Vohra said in a statement. “From Winnebago County in the north to Gallatin County in southern Illinois, we were impressed with the thoughtful proposals we received from schools, healthcare providers, local health departments and colleges to strengthen child and adolescent health.”

Of the grants, 60 percent will go to schools. Hospital or clinic-based programs will receive 20 percent, while local health departments will receive nearly 18 percent. The rest will head to universities.

Grants range from $83,000 to just over $400,000.

The funds are primarily from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 Public Health Workforce Supplemental Funding program. Illinois contributed $500,000.

See the full list of recipients here.