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Also, starting Tuesday, March 15 at 10am we will be adding a weekly technical assistance (TA) call where people can call with questions. Link to follow in next week’s communication!

NEW! Timeframe for submission of policy and site evidence

  • Due to feedback, we have updated the timeframe for submitting policy and site evidence to the following based on the Feb 15 notice of this request:
    • April 20 – sites 1-20 are due to be submitted through the portal (please note – we have moved from an April 16 date due to holidays)
    • May 18 – site​s 21-50 are due May 18;
    • June 15 – sites 51+ are due June 15

Uploading to the HFS Portal Clarification

  • We are asking providers to gather all the evidence for one site and upload it at one time using a zip file. The DDD Notification and Evidence Tool suggests a specific way to name items to upload.
  • You do not have to upload all sites at one time, just all evidence for one site at one time.
  • For organizational policies, please gather all of them and upload them at one time under the agency name and policies.

Feedback on Site Submissions

  • In response to feedback, we are offering the following:  for providers with 20 or more sites that have to be submitted, ​if you submit 5 sites by April 1 we will review and offer feedback on one of the sites.  This will not be the full desk validation process, but we can provide feedback on the submitted documentation.  Sites will be reviewed based on a first come first serve basis.  We would anticipate feedback by April 8.

Clarification of amount of evidence that needs to be submitted

  • Although we encourage providers to submit the amount of evidence they think validators will need to confirm compliance, more is not always better, depending on the quality​ of the evidence and the section of the rule for which the evidence is being offered.  We have heard from stakeholders that it would be helpful to offer more specifics where possible about the amount or type of evidence needed. We will be sharing a more specific document next week but overall, we want clarify the following:
  • In the site evidence section, we offer ideas of the types of evidence a site could submit.  It is NOT comprehensive nor do we require everything on that list to be submitted for compliance.  We were just offering ideas.
  • When submitting evidence about training, please only submit the training agenda/outline and the time and dates of the training, not powerpoints or sign in sheets.
  • For organizational policy submissions, please submit the policy specific to the area of compliance, not all policies.  You only need to submit the policies and procedures (if that is relevant).  We offered additional ideas of evidence, but in order to be more specific and clear, you only need to submit the policies.
  • For all documentation including person centered plans and implementation strategies, you should only submit the section that is relevant to the compliance area you are responding to.  You can take a snapshot, cut and paste, however you would like to do it.  Please add the person’s name and address to anything you cut and paste.  You should not submit the whole plan, strategy or unrelated components.
  • We received questions about the amount of implementation strategies (IS) a site should submit.  Generally, where appropriate, for 1-3 bed CILAs and CGHs, we would recommend submitting IS for all people living in the home.  For 4-8 bed CILAs and CGHs and 16 bed CLFs, we recommend submitting IS for 51% of the residents.  For CDS supporting more than 50 people, we would recommend submitting IS that reflect 10% of people.  For CDS with 50 or less people, we recommend submitting IS for 25% of participants.


A reminder – IDHS: Division of Developmental Disabilities HCBS Settings Rule Compliance (state.il.us) webpage has previously recorded webinars and a lot of information.  Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Toolkit.  We are adding additional frequently asked questions based on questions from the webinar early next week.  We suggest you check back frequently.

Next week, CMS is offering a webinar, HCBS Settings Rule Implementation: A National Conversation about Statewide Transition Plans, March 9 from 12:30-2pm CT.  The Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings rule was effective on March 17, 2014.  To meet the compliance date of March 17, 2023 for this rule, states are required to submit for CMS review their Statewide Transition Plans that act as roadmaps for implementation.  As we close in on the final year of the transition period, CMS will provide reminders of Statewide Transition Plan role and content, along with tips on how to leverage these Plans in ensuring ongoing compliance.  Following the presentation, webinar participants will have the opportunity to share any questions, comments, experiences, or suggestions with CMS and the presenter.  Register here .