Senate Floor Amendment 3 to HB 475 is posted for a hearing in the House Counties and Townships Committee tomorrow (Wednesday, May 17th) at 9am. We are asking members to please complete a witness slip in support before the hearing. If the bill passes out of the House committee, it will be sent to the House floor for a final vote of concurrence by the end of the week.

The language in SFA3 benefits 708 Boards. It includes language defining authority for establishing the budget. This does especially benefit some of the newer Boards that have had difficulty establishing adequate levies/budgets. The amendment also cleans up some of the problematic language around Board member appointments. This amendment also includes language to amend the Counties Code which will allow Sangamon county to create a rescue squad using their own fund, which has no bearing on the operation or budgets of community mental health boards.

Please  file a witness slip TODAY in support of SFA 3 to HB 475!

Instructions for completing the witness slip as a “PROPONENT”:

CLICK HERE to access the online witness slip for SFA 3.

 Section I. Identification, fill out your organizational or personal information.

Section II. Representation, write your organization name if you are filling it out on behalf of your organization or write self if you are filling it out on behalf of yourself.

Section III. Position, mark “Proponent.”

Section IV. Testimony, check the box for “Record of Appearance Only.”

Check the box in the bottom left corner to agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Then go to the bottom right-hand corner and click on “Create Slip.”