The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is finalizing the Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) rate summary sheets reflecting the January 1, 2024, rate/wage increases. The CILA rate summary sheets will be mailed to all CILA providers to show the change to each CILA resident’s rate based on the January 1 rate/wage increases, including the $2.50/hour Direct Support Professional (DSP) wage increase.

CILA providers are reminded the pause on the implementation of the Guidehouse (GH) Staffing Model continues through March 31, 2024. CILA rate summaries show staffing calculated using the existing staffing methodology and tables. In other words, there is no change in the number of DSP funded hours for any individual with the CILA rate summary sheets providers will be receiving in the near future.


DDD has been made aware of an issue with December 60D (CILA) billings. For several providers, their bills are coming back as approved but with a zero balance. For some CILA providers, this issue is only affecting one or two individuals while other CILA providers may see more individuals with zero balances. DDD is asking all 60D CILA providers to carefully check their December MOBIUS Remittance Reports and vouchers for zero balance remittances. If they are seeing a zero balance on any of their billings, please complete the below steps to try to fix the problem. If you continue to have a problem, please reach out to DDD at

Steps to Fix Zero Balance

  1. Check the income amounts and make sure they are correct.
  1. Process through all 60D bills – Make a small change, e.g., change the first day from a P to an A so that ROCS thinks an adjustment is being made. This should cause ROCS to update the bill with a dollar amount.
  1. Open the bill up again and undo the change (e.g., changing the A back to P). This should get the dollar amount to the correct amount.
  1. Complete the above for any bills with the zero balance.
  1. Once all bills have the correct dollar amount, resubmit them for processing.


As a reminder for providers serving individuals with enhanced 31U/31C Community Day Services (CDS) rates, all enhanced 31U/31C CDS rates have ended effective December 31, 2023. Individuals primarily funded through CDS Only, CILA, or Purchase of Services Residential have been awarded Temporary Intensive Staffing – Day (53D) in the amount of 230 hours. It is the responsibility of the CDS provider(s) to apply for long-term 53D for any individual they believe continues to require additional staff supports. Individuals primarily funded through the Adult Home-Based Support Services (HBS) Program have not been awarded the temporary 53D as all AHBS supports must be part of the individual’s financial plan.


In order to capture regionalized rates for all day programs and updates to some residential bill codes, DDD was required to make significant changes to Reporting of Community Services (ROCS).

At this time, DDD is working with the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) to finalize the new version of the ROCS software. Providers must update their ROCS software to the newest version in order to be able to bill and receive accurate remittance for the January 1, 2024, rate/wages when they bill for January services provided. DDD will notify providers when the new version of ROCS is available for downloading. DoIT will also be posting, in the near future, technical information to update 3rd Party ROCS for providers who use their own 3rd Party Vendor version of ROCS.

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