EVV Manual and Compliance with EVV  

Effective September 1, 2023, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) implemented the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) program. EVV requires Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to clock-in and clock-out when completing face-to-face Personal Care Services in the home of a Home-Based Support Services (HBS) program participant. The expectation being that any PSW not approved for the EVV Live-In Caregiver Exemption is utilizing EVV via their PSW agency or ACE$S’s system.

As a next step in EVV implementation, DDD is releasing the EVV Manual. This Manual can be viewed on the DDD EVV webpage. Its purpose is to serve as a guide for PSW agencies as well as individuals, families, guardians (if applicable), and current and future PSWs who are required to comply with EVV requirements. It includes important information that should be reviewed and followed. If there are questions, please reach out to the DDD EVV email address at DHS.DDDEVV@illinois.gov.

For those PSWs required to comply with EVV, please be aware that failure to comply with the requirements of the EVV program could result  in the DDD taking the  following  actions ,including but not limited to revocation of an individual’s ability to self-direct, either temporarily or permanently; a hold on a PSW’s ability to receive payments for visits that require EVV compliance; and/or the removal of a PSW’s ability to work in the HBS program. Further information regarding PSWs non-compliance with EVV will be provided in a future DDD Communication.

Spanish Language EVV Live-In Caregiver Attestation Form  

DDD was recently made aware that the Spanish language EVV Live-In Caregiver Attestation form contained a translation error. As such, DDD has updated the form. Please see the updated Live-In Caregiver Attestation Form Spanish version PDF. If you completed the old form, you are not required to resubmit the form at this time. You will be required to utilize the new form when you submit your renewal. Please feel free to review the updated form and reach out to DDD via the EVV email address (DHS.DDDEVV@illinois.gov) with any questions or concerns.