DDD Communication April 15, 2024  


  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) posted 5 new FINAL Information Bulletins Friday, April 12, 2024. Those Information Bulletins can be viewed on the DDD Information Bulletins webpage.
  • DDD is interested in learning what de-escalation training community providers use. Please send this information to the Bureau of Clinical Services at: DHS.clinicalservices@illinois.gov.


The Ligas Family Townhall was started two years ago to annually bring together Ligas Class Members, families, and other interested stakeholders to share their stories and hear updates from the Court Monitor, DDD, the Plaintiffs’ Counsel, and the Ligas Family Advocates among others. People will learn about resources and how to stay connected including by joining the Ligas Family Advisory Council’s quarterly meetings. In addition, people can share their families’ stories of what the Consent Decree has meant to them and share their experiences with services under the Decree. There is no need to register – attendees can simply join at the link: https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?MTID=m605fa14397aab0c24460afc50f1c4b79 or by phone: +1-312-535-8110, code 26312072068 on April 17, 2024. The Townhall will take place from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. There is also an option to attend in person in Chicago at 401 S. Clinton, 7th Floor Executive Conference Room. If you are planning on attending in person, please email Meg.Cooch@illinois.gov so your name can be added to the list at security.



ROCS version 6.17 is now available for provider agencies to download. Agencies using an older DHS ROCS version can download the ROCS 6.17 version now by going to the following website: ROCS Version 6.17 Download Instructions. ROCS version 6.17 is necessary to fix an issue of ROCS searching for a Client Level Rate and replacing the Tier 2 designation for sites with a Tier 1 designation.

ROCS version 6.17 is required for all billing submitted on or after April 1, 2024, for the following day program bill codes: 31C, 31U, 31V, 32G, 33G, 34G, 34U, 36G, 36U, 37U, 38C, and 38U, as well as the following temporary intensive staffing bill codes: 53D, 53R, and 53S.

On or after May 1, 2024, if a bill code requires a DD Site ID and the billing is submitted without that DD Site ID, the billing with REJECT with a $0.00 payment rather than pay at the Tier 1 rate.


At this time, DDD is advising provider agencies to hold on rebilling for Tier 2 payments for services provided prior to April 1, 2024. Agencies who are rebilling are not receiving the payment adjustment between Rate Tier 1 and Rate Tier 2 for previously paid bills. Currently, the payment system is not recognizing and matching previously paid billing with rebilling that includes the DD Site ID. DDD and the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) are working on programming to address the problem. Until the problem is fixed, all agencies in this situation are advised to hold on rebilling for services prior to April 1, 2024.


DDD previously advised provider agencies who have individuals attending multiple Community Day Services (CDS) and/or Supported Employment Program (SEP) sites within the same agency during the same month and for the same bill code to select the site where the individual attends the majority of the month for billing purposes. Please note, this does not impact individuals who participate in different services (bill codes) in the same month.

To assist DDD in determining a course of action to address the issue of not being able to bill monthly for attendance at multiple sites for the same services delivered by the same provider, DDD is asking for provider agency feedback. DDD is requesting provider agencies with individuals who meet this criteria to inform DDD of the following:

  • Agency Name
  • Number of Individuals
  • Program/Bill Code
  • Number of locations within the same month.
  • Examples would look like:
    • CDS Agency Name has 2 people in 31U attending 2 locations.
    • SEP Provider Name has 1 person in 33G attending 2 locations.

Please send this information to: George.Bengel@Illinois.Gov.


Requests for Revalidation of DDD SEP authorizations are due to DDD by the end of business on May 3, 2024. Because authorizing the Revalidation requests is a multi-step process, which includes reviewing and forwarding by the Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agencies, DDD SEP providers are encouraged to submit all Revalidation requests as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays or potential deactivation of DDD SEP service and billing codes. For more information, please see here:

Division of Developmental Disabilities Supported Employment Program (DDD SEP) FY24 Revalidation Guidelines Update.


List of DDD Information Bulletins: IDHS: DDD Information Bulletins (state.il.us)

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