Application Due Date: Monday, June 26, 2023

The purpose of this program is to improve states and territories response to 988 contacts (including calls, chats, and texts) originating in the state/territory. States and territories are expected to use resources to: (1) enhance recruitment, hiring, and training of the 988 workforce to meet at minimum 90% state or territory calls, chats, and texts demand; (2) implement additional technology and security measures to fully support 988 infrastructure and effective coordination across the crisis continuum; (3) improve 988 support and service for high-risk and underserved populations; (4) develop and implement comprehensive quality assurance plans, to include identification and review of critical incidents; and (5) develop and implement comprehensive 988 communication plans to align with SAMHSA’s 988 partner toolkit.
Anticipated Total Available Funding: $177,350,611
Anticipated Number of Awards: 56