To:       CBHA Members

From:  Michelle Churchey-Mims

Yesterday HFS held the kick off meeting for CCSO and MCR partners.  They sent the attached slide deck in advance of the webinar due to concerns of techical issues.  While there are a lot of details to work out for the implementation, the deck provides detailed information.

  • ​Allowable use for ARPA funds (slides 8-12)-clarified that APRA funds will be released as one lump sum payment to CCSOs who will make decisions about utilization.  HFS noted that in shared DSA-funds would be split evenly.  outstanding questions about what it means to “establish unique funds”
  • CCSO Qualifications and How to Enroll (slides 14-17) It was noted that agencies can choose to designate one site per DSA  (exception in Cook) as the CCSO location.  Agencies may use existing NPI or create new NPIs.  It was noted that agencies should wait until Terms and Conditions are posted prior to attempting to register in IMPACT.
  • Readiness Reviews Process and Timelines (slides 19-21)-There will be 2 readiness reviews-MCR (including MCR and SFSP) and CCSO (CC and FSP).  Providers who are already MCR providers must also complete MCR readiness reviews.  These slides are very informative and slide 21 notes how providers can start to prepare.
  • CCSO Required Staff Role (slides 23-27).  There weren’t significant changes from requirement stated in RFQ-the information is more descriptive.  There was emphasis made on HFS understanding the hiring challenges and that program referrals would be based on capacity, however there are roles that must be in place in order to begin to serve clients.
  • Training and Coaching-unfortunately there wasn’t a finalized slide available when they released the slide deck.  I attached a screen shot.  OMI noted this information will be updated and posted.  One the areas to be updated is adding Clinical Manager to training expectations.
  • FSP/SFSP (slide 29).  No new information.  There were several questions asked in the chat about whether the FSP functions could be managed through MCR partners.  This was not answered during the presentation.
  • MCR Screeners/Training (slide 30-31).  Review of qualifications and training expectations.

HFS notes that some of the outstanding questions should be more fully answered in the grant agreements.  They also said they would answer all unanswered questions in FAQ.


CCSO Kick Off PPT – 8.11.22


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