Adult Redeploy Illinois is a performance incentive funding program at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority that empowers local jurisdictions to divert people from prison into programs that target high-risk, high-need individuals. ARI’s goal is simple: to support local stakeholders in their goal of reducing crime by using best practices. Currently operating in 27 sites covering 44 counties, ARI funds problem-solving courts (drug, mental health, veterans), specialized probation caseloads, and other programs that strengthen local justice and behavioral health systems, reduce recidivism, and save taxpayer dollars by breaking the cycle of crime and punishment.

This summer, ARI seeks to expand to new sites and will release a funding opportunity for planning and implementation grants ranging from $5,000 up to $1,000,000 and running from October 2022 to June 2023. Jurisdictions can use ARI funds for staffing, training, and client services such as treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, and transportation and housing support. ARI encourages innovative, multi-disciplinary approaches that build local capacity and support lasting, positive change.

“When I came to Redeploy I was a drug addicted prostitute doing anything for one more fix. I had lost all hope. I spent time in jail and, after thinking, I decided to give my[self] a chance. I now have the tools and support for recovery that I did not have before. I have set goals. I am working on being reunited with my son and obtaining employment. I won’t give up on myself today.” – ARI client

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Mary Ann Dyar Program Director

Adult Redeploy Illinois
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
60 E. Van Buren Street, Suite 650
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: 312-793-8949
Fax: 312-793-8422

ARI Values: Equity*Inclusion*Access*Involvement*Effectiveness*Innovation

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ARI NOFO Outreach Letter – 07222022