Joint Committee on Administrative Rule: Illinois General Assembly

June 10, 2022

Proposed Rulemakings


DFPR   also   proposed amendments to Professional Counselor   and   Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing Act (68 IAC 1375; 46 Ill Reg 9253) updating the Part to reflect current DFPR policy and professional standards. A definition of clinical supervision has been added that includes “live, interactive and visual” review of counseling and case management;  video supervision meets this definition if all participation is simultaneous and verbal and visual interaction is possible. Internships/practicums should include at least 700 (currently, 100) on site clock hours, of which 280 (currently, 40) clock hours must consist of in-person client contacts. Effective 7/1/26, persons applying for licensure under this Part must have graduated from an accredited professional counseling program with a minimum of 60 (currently, 48) semester hours or  90 (currently, 72) quarter hours, with a minimum of 3 semester hours (4.5 quarter hours) credit in each of the core subjects listed in existing rule . Also, effective 7/1/26, a minimum of 30 (currently, 24) semester hours must be earned during the required 1-year residency. The rulemaking also clarifies the process for obtaining a hardship CE waiver, updates the list of approved CE sponsors and programs,   and   updates incorporated   professional standards. Licensed counselors and counseling programs are affected.

Questions/requests for copies/ comments on  the  2  DFPR rulemakings through 7/25/22: Craig Cellini, DFPR, 320 W. Washington, 2nd Floor, Springfield IL 62786, 217/785-0810, Fax: