The Illinois ACE Collaborative convened a multisector Statewide Working Group in a year-long process to develop an Action Plan to Address Childhood Adversity in Illinois. With insights from policymakers, advocates, and community members throughout Illinois, the Action Plan outlines recommendations for a coordinated statewide response to prevent and mitigate trauma and promote healing and thriving at every stage of life. Released as part of Trauma Informed Awareness Day on May 25th, the Action Plan is organized around Five Planks identified as key priorities by the Statewide Working Group:

  • Plank 1: Trauma-Informed Policymaking
  • Plank 2: Improve State-Level Coordination
  • Plank 3: Educate, Build Awareness, and Advocate
  • Plank 4: Improve Data Collection and Accessibility
  • Plank 5: Identify Trauma-Informed Practice Metrics

Click here to download the action plan.


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