Jason Holcomb has been appointed to serve as Co-Chair of ACMHAI’s Legislative Committee. Jason is the Director of the Winnebago County Community Mental Health Board. This new committee position was created to assist current Chair, Dana Rosenzweig, Executive Director of the St. Clair County Mental Health Board, in leading the Legislative Committee. 

ACMHAI’s Legislative Committee is charged with monitoring and keeping membership informed of legislation that affects and impacts our members. The committee, along with our lobbyists at GSA, advocates on behalf of ACMHAI, including working to develop legislation, meeting with and advising legislators, testifying when necessary, and communicating on topics of interest to our members. 

The committee will continue its work to inform membership using a variety of means (e.g. email, social media, newsletter, etc.) concerning key legislative initiatives.  In this way, members may choose to participate in ACMHAI advocacy and/or engage on an individual basis with their respective State legislators. 

ACMHAI’s Legislative Committee holds a monthly zoom meeting during legislative session. Join us for our next meeting by zoom on January 14th at 10am