HFS posted a new Public Notice regarding proposed changes in the methods and standards for setting payment rates for providers of mental health services. The proposed changes are effective for dates of service January 1, 2024, and after.

These changes are Pursuant to PA 103-0102, rate increases that CBHA and our partners successfully secured this past legislative session.

Matt Werner, our CBHA consultant, did a comparison of the HFS Public Notice Rates to the Modeled Rates we included in our original proposal. We are glad to see the proposed rates closely align with our request. The document is attached for your review.

The Department estimates this proposed change in reimbursement rates will result in an annual increase in Medicaid liability of $30 million for services provided through fee-for-service or through managed care organizations. These proposed changes are subject to approval by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and may be modified or revised during the approval process.

The Public Notice is attached, and you may also view it at the following link: https://hfs.illinois.gov/info/legal/publicnotices.html

2023-11-08 Compare Model to Published

Proposed Rate Sheet_Mental Health_ Jan. 1_2024. publicnoticemhrateincreases