HFS has released the webinar recording and PowerPoint presentation from the 10-23-23 webinar on the IM+CANS 2.0.  HFS gave an overview of the process leading to the changes in the IM+CANS and supporting documentation.  They sent a clearer message about the tool as well as the changes in thinking-moving away from compliance focused.  There are still some challenges with HFS understanding the impact of the portal limitations in fully realizing a shared document-but overall a good webinar with some helpful slides.

Some slides that might be of interest:

  • Slide 5-Recognition of awesome group members for their hard work!
  • Slide 11 and 12- Myth vs Fact and Other takeaways
  • Slide 13 and 14- Highlights of Changes
  • Slide 16-Changes to Treatment Plan Section and move to Plan of Care
  • Slide 17-Proposed dates for Implementation Activities
  • Slide 18-Resource Page

IM+CANS Changes Overview Webinar 10/23/2023 – Slides

IM+CANS Changes Overview Webinar 10/23/2023 – Recorded Webinar

HFS also posted the schedule for IMCANS workgroup meetings which are restarting in January 2024.  2024 IM+CANS Workgroup Meeting Schedule (pdf)